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The GeoEnergy Research Centre will address the global energy trilemma in an effort to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions from powerstations

GeoEnergy Research Centre


Welcome to the GeoEnergy Research Centre (GERC)

The GeoEnergy Research Centre (GERC) is a pioneering joint venture co-established by the British Geological Survey (BGS) and the University of Nottingham (UoN). The centre has strong international partnerships with Virginia Tech (US) and the China University of Mining and Technology. GERC was founded in early 2015.

Our goal is to address the global energy trilemma of:

  • affordability 
  • security
  • sustainability of energy supply

GERC will do this by focusing our combined capabilities to enable the sustainable and cost-effective use of geoenergy resources. We will undertake joint research into subsurface energy processes for a range of geoenergy sectors, specifically:

  • areas of fluid-rock interactions
  • sensor development
  • demonstration of monitoring technologies

What are our combined capabilities?

GERC hasmany mulit-scale and multi-dimensional capabilities

GERC has a range of multi-scale and multi-dimensional capabilities. Drawing expertise from both the University of Nottingham and the British Geological Survey, we are able to tailor our research to a wider range of geoenergy sectors than if the two organisations worked separately. GERC has 12 capability areas; Materials characterisation, geochemistry, advanced imaging, transport phenomena, fluid properties, geospatial, remote sensing, geo-mechanics, geology, groundwater, geophysics and quantum sensors.


Our current portfolio includes research into:

  • Understanding and monitoring fluid-rock processes in the shallow subsurface for CO2 storage
  • Collaboration with international partners tracking the potential for CO2-based enhanced coal bed methane and coal properties
  • Sensor development

We will explore opportunities to apply our expertise in:

  • Underground coal gasification
  • Enhanced oil recovery/ Heavy oil recovery
  • Groundwater security
  • Geothermal
  • Gas hydrates
  • Underground gas storage
  • Radioactive waste storage
  • Shale gas


GERC is a member of the Midlands Energy Consortium (MEC), UK CCS Research Centre (UKCCSRC) and Carbon Capture and Storage Association (CCSA) by way of our founder organisations; BGS and the UoN.

Midlands Energy Consortium
Carbon Capture and Storage Association

GeoEnergy Research Centre