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Postgraduate students carrying out gas adsorption analysis

Current Research 


GERC has a current portfolio of over £4.75M in externally funded projects in a range of capabilities

Energy Research Accelerator (ERA)
Funding Mode Funding Duration Funding Total Grant Code 
Innovate UK  2016 - 2021 £2,500,000 n/a


H2020 Consortium - ENabling Onshore CO2 Storage in Europe (ENOS)

Funding Mode Funding Duration Funding Total Grant Code 
European Commission 2016 - 2020  €12,580,733  n/a 


The Nottingham Gas Adsorption Analysis Suite (GAAS) - Strategic Equipment Grant

Funding Mode Funding Duration Funding TotalGrant Code
EPSRC  2014 - 2017  £522,089  EP/M000567/1
Main Investigators: Hall, Schroder, Tendler, Mokaya, Walker, Rigby and Yang


Senior Research Fellowship 'Rock-Fluid Interactions in Carbon Capture and Storage and Alternative Hydrocarbons'
Funding ModeFunding DurationFunding TotalGrant Code

Royal Academy of Engineering. Sponsored by the British Geological Survey

2014 - 2019  £415,000  n/a
RAEng Fellow: Dr Matthew Hall 


CO2 Injection Storage
Funding Mode Funding DurationFunding TotalGrant Code
NERC  2013 - 2017 £149,000  n/a
Main Investigators: Quinn, Vincent and Williams J


BIG CCS: International CCS Research Centre

Funding Total: £757,000 funding

Main Investigators: Chadwick, White and Williams     BIG CCS website


British Geological Survey CO2 Research - Ongoing

Funding Total: £240,000 (excludes some investments included above)

Main Investigators: The CO2 Storage Team is lead by Jonathan Pearce

GeoEnergy Research Centre