University of Nottingham

Dr Stephen Grebby

Assistant Professor in Earth Observation

Department: Faculty of Engineering

Started at GERC: June 2016

Key Research Expertise:

  1. Minerals, hydrocarbons and geothermal resource exploration
  2. Airborne LiDAR geoscience applications
  3. Geoscience applications of multi- and hyperspectral imagery
  4. InSAR ground deformation monitoring
  5. Mapping and monitoring of geohazards
  6. UAVs and photogrammetry


Dr. Stephen Grebby holds an MPhys (2005) in Physics with Space Science and Technology, an MSc (2006) in Physical Geography and PhD (2011) in Geological Remote Sensing from the University of Leicester. In 2011, he joined the British Geological Survey, where he took up a position as a Remote Sensing Geoscientist. Dr. Grebby joined The University of Nottingham in 2016 as Assistant Professor in Earth Observation in the Faculty of Engineering.

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Dr Stephen Grebby

Current Research:

Dr. Grebby's current research interests are focused on the use of satellite, airborne (manned and UAV) and ground-based Earth Observation techniques for the exploration of geoenergy resources and the monitoring of their exploitation. This includes identifying potential geothermal energy resources by mapping anomalous mineral assemblages and surface temperatures, determining key characteristics (e.g., porosity, permeability, fracture density) for reservoir modelling, the detection of hydrocarbon leakages, and InSAR monitoring of ground motion at sites associated with gas storage (i.e., CO2) and energy production.


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