University of Nottingham

Dr Ellen Gilliland

Assistant Professor in Geoenergy Engineering

Department: Mining and Minerals Engineering, Virginia Tech

Started at GERC: December 2016

Key Research Expertise:

  1. Geophysical monitoring and design
  2. Seismology
  3. Carbon management, reservoir characterization, hydraulic fracturing
  4. Domestic and global energy policy
  5. Public engagement


Since 2016 Ellen has been a dual affiliated US-UK Assistant Professor in the Department of Mining and Minerals Engineering, Virginia Tech and the GeoEnergy Research Centre (GERC). Ellen additionally works as a geophysicist with the Virginia Center for Coal and Energy Research (VCCER) at Virginia Tech. She has held previous positions as a Senior Geophysics Research Associate at VCCER (2011-2016) and an Associate Geophysicist within the Marcellus Shale Team at Chesapeake Energy Corporation (2009-2011).

Ellen holds a Ph.D. in Mining Engineering (2016) and a M.S. Geosciences (2009) from Virginia Tech plus a B.S. Geophysics from the University of Oklahoma (2006).

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Dr Ellen Gilliland

Current Research:

Ellen’s research focuses on applying geophysical monitoring and imaging technologies to projects related to energy development (carbon management, reservoir characterization, hydraulic fracturing, etc.).  She is working with GERC staff on projects to monitor carbon sequestration and gas production activities using synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging.


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