University of Nottingham

Completed Research


Senior Research Fellowship 'Rock-Fluid Interactions in Carbon Capture and Storage and Alternative Hydrocarbons'
Funding Mode Funding Duration Funding Total Grant Code 
Royal Academy of Engineering. Sponsored by the British Geological Survey  2014 - 2019  £415,000  n/a 

Main Investigators: Prof. Matthew Hall


Nottingham Gas Adsoprtion Analysis Suite (GAAS) - Strategic Equipment Grant
Funding Mode Funding Duration Funding Total Grant Code 
EPSRC  2014 - 2017  £522,089  EP/M000567/1 

Main Investigators: Hall, Schroder, Tendler, Mokaya, Walker, Rigby and Yang


CO2 Injection Storage
Funding Mode Funding Duration Funding Total Grant Code 
NERC  2013 - 2017  £149,000  n/a 

Main Investigators: Quinn, Vincent and Williams


CONTAIN: The impact of hydrocarbon depletion on the treatment of caprocks within performance assessment for CO2 injection schemes

Funding Mode  Funding DurationFunding TotalGrant Code
 EPSRC Oct 2013 - Sept 2017  £925,473  EP/K036025/1

Main Investigators: Harrington, Whitmarsh, Zimmerman, Paluszny Rodriguez and Graham


UK CCS Research Centre
Funding Mode Funding DurationFunding TotalGrant Code
EPSRC  April 2012 - Sept 2017 £10,127,951 EP/K000446/1

Main Investigators: Chadwick and others  - £344,000


DiSECCS: Diagnostic Seismic toolbox for the Efficient Control of CO2 Storage
Funding ModeFunding DurationFunding TotalGrant Code
EPSRC  Sept 2013 - Sept 2016 £893,883 EP/K035878/1

Main Investigators: Chadwick, Gough, Noy, Angus, Williams, Best, Mander and Chapman    DiSECCS website


CO2 Injection Borehole Cement Evolution
Funding Mode Funding Duration Funding TotalGrant Code
NERC  2012 - 2015 £57,000 n/a

Main Investigators: Hall, Rigby, Milodowski and Rochelle


Fault Seal Controls on Storage Capacity
Funding Mode Funding DurationFunding TotalGrant Code
NERC  2013 - 2016 £188,000 n/a

Main Investigators: Williams G, Williams G, Evans and Chadwick     Read more about this project on UKCCSRC 


Multiscale CO2 Storage
Funding Mode Funding DurationFunding TotalGrant Code
NERC  2015 - 2016 £80,000 n/a

Main Investigator: Williams G


ULTimateCO2: Understanding the long-term fate of geologically stored CO2
 Funding Mode Funding Duration Funding Total Grant Code
 European Commission  2012 - 2015  £444,000  281196

Main Investigators: Pearce, Bateman and Graham     ULTimateCO2 website


ECO2: Sub-seabed CO2 Storage: Impact on Marine Ecosystems
Funding Mode Funding Duration Funding Total Grant Code 
European Commission  2011 - 2015  £348,000  n/a 

Main Investigators: White, Williams and Chadwick     ECO2 website


British Geological Survey CO2 Research

Funding Total: £240,000

Main Investigators: The CO2 Stoarge Team is lead by Jonathan Pearce

GeoEnergy Research Centre