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Nottingham Geospatial Institute

The Nottingham Geospatial Institute

The Nottingham Geospatial Institute (NGI) is a key cross-disciplinary research institute established in 2005. It has a presence on both the Jubilee campus, UK and the Ningbo Campus, China.

The Institutes specialisms include:

  • satellite navigation and positioning systems
  • photogrammetry
  • remote sensing
  • sensor integration
  • geoinformatics and data modelling
  • geospatial intelligence
  • location based services
  • semantics
  • reasoning and cognition


GERC Staff based in NGI

Assistant Professor

Current PhD Students

Research Divisions

The Nottingham Geospatial Institute has 4 research divisions. The research our centre undertakes aligns itself with:

Engineering Surveying and Remote Measurement

  • Focuses on improving the potential of technology and its application
  • GNSS, laser scanning, photogrammetry, inertial measurement systems, integrated sensors and robotic total stations form the core technologies supporting this work


GERC has access to numerous facilities within the Nottingham Geospatial Institute. For more detailed equipment lists and capabilities click here

Punnet SAR interferometric processing suite

  • Software developed by SAR (synthetic aperture radar) processing experts at the NGI from satellite SAR data
  • Used for the derivation of land deformation amongst other parameters

Systems for Surveying, Mapping, Monitoring and Scanning

  • A wide range of current software and hardware packages
  • For the full list click here 







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