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Transport Phenomena

Transport phenomena is one of our twelve capability areas. Below are the GERC affiliated grants that are supporting our scientific research within this theme.  

Energy Research Accelerator (ERA)
Funding Mode Funding Duration Funding Total Grant Code 
Innovate UK  2016 - 2021 £2,500,000 n/a

Find out more about ERA 

H2020 Consortium - ENabling Onshore CO2 Storage in Europe (ENOS)

Funding Mode Funding Duration Funding Total Grant Code 
European Commission 2016 - 2020  €12,580,733  n/a 


The Nottingham Gas Adsorption Analysis Suite (GAAS) - Strategic Equipment Grant

Funding Mode Funding Duration Funding TotalGrant Code
EPSRC  2014 - 2017  £522,089  EP/M000567/1

Main Investigators: Hall, Schroder, Tendler, Mokaya, Walker, Rigby and Yang 


Senior Research Fellowship 'Rock-Fluid Interactions in Carbon Capture and Storage and Alternative Hydrocarbons'
Funding ModeFunding DurationFunding TotalGrant Code
Royal Academy of Engineering. Sponsored by the British Geological Survey. 2014 - 2019  £415,000  n/a

RAEng Fellow: Dr Matthew Hall  


CONTAIN: The impact of hydrocarbon depletion on the treatment of caprocks within performance assessment for CO2 injection schemes
Funding Mode  Funding DurationFunding TotalGrant Code
 EPSRC Oct 2013 - Sept 2017  £925,473  EP/K036025/1

Main Investigators: Harrington, Whitmarsh, Zimmerman, Paluszny Rodriguez and Graham 


Fault Seal Controls on Storage Capacity
Funding Mode Funding DurationFunding TotalGrant Code
NERC  2013 - 2016 £188,000 n/a

Main Investigators: Williams G, Williams G, Evans and Chadwick     Read more about this project on UKCCSRC  


CO2 Injection Storage
Funding Mode Funding DurationFunding TotalGrant Code
NERC  2013 - 2017 £149,000  n/a

Main Investigators: Quinn, Vincent and Williams J 


British Geological Survey CO2 Research - Ongoing

Funding Total: £240,000 (excludes some investments included on our current research page)

Main Investigators: The CO2 Storage Team is lead by Jonathan Pearce

GeoEnergy Research Centre